T-400 Trailer Water Well Drilling Rig


                        1. It's a turntable type rotary drilling rig which is mainly applied to water well, construction, national defense building foundation, geological exploration, geothermic well and other projects with holes.
                        2. It can drill in soil, sand, rubble and the general rock layer.
                        3. The base machine, mud pump and engine are installed in a specially designed semi-trailer chassis which can be easily and quickly moved.
                        4. The rig is driven by mechanical transmission, simple operation, economical transportation and reliable to use, easy maintenance, etc.
                        5. Power force is from the Cummins Engine which can be easily used outdoors.
                        6. The rotary table can provide three different speeds which can meet the requirement of different stratum drilling and it will be beneficial to improve rig efficiency. 
                        7. The rig can erect by itself, convenient and reliable.
                        8. The main winch and deputy winch are all using a planetary gear structure which can be operated conveniently and reliably.
                        9. Drill chassis use traction device which can be towed by the general tractors.

                        Technical Data

                        Model of drilling rig T-400
                        Drilling depth 400m
                        Dirill hole 500mm
                        Diameter of rotary table thru hole 500mm
                        Speed of rotary table 44,77,139r/min
                        Capacity with single rope of winch Main winch 4 Ton
                        Vice winch 3 Ton
                        The capacity for main winch 24 ton
                        The capacity for vice winch 12ton
                        Kelly pipe 108*108*7500mm
                        drilling pipe 89*10*5500mm
                        Rated load of mast 280KN
                        Effective height of mast 11.5m
                        Mud pump BW850/20
                        Diameter of piston 150mm
                        Stroke of piston 180mm
                        Flow rate 850L/min   600L/min
                        Pressure 2Mpa       3Mpa
                        Independent power Cummins engine
                        Power 97Kw
                        Transport Size 12.5*2.5*3.75m


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