D-180B Anchor Drilling Rig

                        Main Features:

                        The D-180B drill rig is diesel engine powered lightweight anchor drill rig used for diverse drilling techniques for anchor drilling projects, such as auger drilling, single pipe drilling, dual pipe drilling and self-drill anchor drilling.


                        Performance parameters:

                        Model   D-180B
                        Power parameter    
                        Power type   Diesel power
                        Max. power output (KW)   CUMMINS 6BTA5.9-C180 132  
                        Mode of operation   Rotary/Percussive
                        Electric system (V)   24
                        Fuel tank capacity (L)   380
                        1st circuit operating pressure(Mpa)   0-24
                        2nd circuit operating pressure(Mpa)   0-24
                        3th circuit operating pressure(Mpa)   0-25
                        Hydr. oil tank capacity (L)   450
                        Feed stroke (mm)   3500
                        Feed force (KN)   35
                        Retraction force (KN)   65
                        Feed rate (m/min) Low 0-22
                        High 0-61
                        Retraction rate (m/min) Low 0-11
                        High 0-31
                        Percussion Frequency (Times/min)   0-1250
                        Max. torque (N·m)   13000
                        rotating (r/min)   0-40  0-56
                        0-60   0-80
                        0-85  0-112
                        0-120  0-165
                        Transport dimensions(L*W*H)(mm)   6700*2000*2600
                        Weight (Kg)   9000


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